Time To Trade?

The rumors are swirling around I-70 on both sides of the state with the Cardinals’ Colby Rasmus wanting out of St.Louis and the always-constant Zack Greinke rumors in Kansas City. Should Greinke and Rasmus be traded?

The simple answer is yes.

The big question is when and for how much.

Greinke had a better season last year than this year, but he still has value for most if not all teams. Rasmus has the tools to be a superstar but it is looking more and more like that will not happen in Cardinal Red.

Colby Rasmus

Both players have voiced their dislike of the direction of their respective organizations. Their are many views on when you should trade a player, but the more I see these situations playing out the more I think the players should be moved. The only exception to this rule is when a guy is grossly underpaid (see Revis, Jets, NFL). The only time I think a guy can come back from making a statement against his team is when they are talking about money, and only their money, but as soon as the conversation goes to the direction of the team, someone has to call U-Haul.

The U-Haul Rule, though, has two sub-rules. The first states that if you are not a future Hall of Fame guy and the face of that team and city, you need to shut up and pack your boxes, because you no longer play here. Section two of this rule says if you are the Hall of Fame guy, the GM or manager is getting fired.

Now, back to the Greinke and Rasmus situation. Rasmus has never been happy in St. Louis, but he could be the power bat the team needs. The best situation would be for Rasmus to be traded for a player that could fill his spot in the outfield or for a power hitting third baseman. My first thought is to call the Marlins to see who is currently on the market, but a call to Kansas City could solve the Cardinals’ problems.

The Royals have Alex Gordon, David DeJesus and Greinke, all of whom could be had for the right price.

The point is that both Greinke and Rasmus need to me moved because they are not happy, and unhappy players never produce.

The Greinke trade that I would love to see would be Prince Fielder for Greinke and top prospect Eric Hosmer. I like this trade not because I want to see either player leave Kansas City but because I think the Royals have to go out and get a player who can be the face of the organization.

In the end, Rasmus and Greinke could provide both teams with a solid baseball player to build around in a multitude of blockbuster trades.

2 thoughts on “Time To Trade?

  1. Prince Fielder for the Royals? Ugh. No thank you. They wouldn’t be interested anyway; even without Hosmer they already have a bunch of 1B/DH types.

    Actually, I think that Rasmus could be a starting point in a trade for Greinke. Problem solved on both sides.

  2. the royals do have a bunch of 1b/dh types but none of them are on covers of mags or have espn ads.Trade all the 1b guys for fielder as far as i care. the point is the royals need someone that can bring the team back into the spotlight. Greinke for Rasmus is a trade a cards fans think will happen. I would not trade greinke for rasmus. rasmus is not the type of guy i would bring into a young clubhouse.

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