When Will We See Noel Arguelles?

After hearing that Arnoldis Chapman was being called up for a playoff run with Cincinnati, the biggest question in my mind is when will fellow Cuban Noel Arguelles be seen in Kansas City?

It is not fair to judge a player by another player’s career path, but every time a group of draft picks or Cuban pitchers sign in the same year it is hard for fans not to judge them based on what the other guys do. There is no solid rule for how long a prospect needs to play in the minors before they are MLB-ready, but waiting is often the hardest part of being a fan.

But Royals fans should not let their hopes get in front of their realistic expectations.

Arguelles’ career path was sidetracked recently. His shoulder has been causing him problems, and it’s likely the young pitcher will need surgery. That could set his progress back a year or more.

Chapman, on the other hand, is a 103-mile-per-hour fastball phenom who seems to be ready to compete at the big league level.

It’s difficult, though, when the neighbor kid is getting to open his birthday gift a week early. Why do I have to wait?

But fellow Blue Crew members, do not let your mind wander to the places that I allowed mine. Noel will be in blue soon enough, and he will better off for having waited.

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