September Blues

Yesterday I reluctantly turned the calendar page.

I hate September.

I felt the same way last year, so I know this despair is not simply a reaction to the recent downward spiral of our beloved St. Louis Cardinals.  No, this feeling is more like a case of the Sunday night blues when weekend fun has ended and an entire workweek looms. September is my nagging reminder that the bleak void of the off-season is knocking on the door.
Now is the time I begin mourning the inevitable and savoring every remaining moment of the season as if it were the last. It is the beginning of a long good-bye.

September is my reminder that baseball season is coming to an end. It’s the time when football fever infects the nation like a plague, and folks are even talking about basketball … and hockey?!!

The arrival of September makes me want to climb up on the roof and warn everyone:
“STOP!!!  We still have BASEBALL!!!”
If I made the rules, the launching of football and basketball seasons would have to wait until the World Series Champions were crowned. Then again – if I made the rules, we would have baseball all year.

Let the Countdown Begin

Only 31 games remain in the Cardinals’ regular season and today is their final off-day. From here on out it is a non-stop march to the finish line.

Last year fans were anxiously watching every last pitch during the race for the pennant.  This year, Cardinal Nation is starting off September as if on a death watch.  This too makes me want to climb back up on that rooftop and yell a bit.

Guess what?  The season is not over yet!
So as we head down the final stretch, put me on record: Abandoning ship is worse than mutiny. The Cardinals are ‘temporarily’ playing uninspired ball, but the optimist in me fully expects a rally.
True, the boys may need a swift kick in the pants.  Or perhaps a note from the CDD gals! Whatever it takes….

So, while the Cardinals get back to winning some games,  I hope Cardinal Nation gets back on the boat.  Savor the moments, Cardinal fans.  The season is too short.


5 thoughts on “September Blues

  1. >I totally understand how you feel. Can't say that it doesn't happen in this house on occasion. Maybe this can help.1. Every game takes on greater significance, whether as the one chasing, or the nemesis trying to upset someone else doing the chasing. While every game counts the same, September games are like nothing else – except for October baseball.2. The September 1 callups give new life to a team that's been beaten down for the last 130 games. These new kids are trying to make a name for themselves and get an invitation to spring training. A couple, like Tyler Greene and Joe Mather, may be trying to make a bigger statement.4. Adam Wainwright can still reach a 20 win season.5. Jaime Garcia can still win the Rookie of the Year.6. Aaron Miles can still hit .400. Ok, maybe that one is not a major milestone, but wouldn't it be cool if he did ?7. We need to get you to a hockey game, like pronto. While it's not baseball, it does fill the void with an exciting, fast paced sport.

  2. >Hey Bob!I will be curious to see just what happens with our boys over the next 31 games. Wainwright, Garcia and Albert all have a lot riding individually on this season. That still is a lot to cheer even if – sigh – the newly shaven bald birds can't get it together as a group.And bringing up those BabyBirds will definitely entertain me. Maybe, just maybe that will spark something. But I also want Memphis to get their own championship, so I am not hoping too hard to see Mather and Greene and the boys up in StL too soon!As for hockey… don't hold your breath! haha! ;)

  3. >How true it is!! That post made me sad. Thanks :P How about one of your inspirational ones next?I have enjoyed this season more in the past, because of all the different avenues to learn about fans.I don't want a LONG winter. Make it stop.

  4. >Oh, the pressure of writing positive inspirational posts with the team in a slump! LOL!Thanks for checking in Matt! Appreciate the comments and I promise to try to be more cheery next time! ;)GO CARDS!

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