Who Am I and Why Am I Here

My team on Clinton Gore Campaign

“Who am I and why am I here” was uttered by a certain vice-presidential nominee during the presidential debates of 1992. I know that because: A-I was actually alive, as opposed to some of you “barely able to drink uh…I mean vote” people on twitter. B-It was my very first job on a political campaign. I worked on the Clinton Gore Campaign and Presidential Inaugural that year and C- Joe Torre was managing the Cards to a mediocre season. I didn’t really feel bad not getting to any games that year.  I did miss seeing Ozzie play. I do this lot- try and remember certain summers by what I remember about the Cards or try to remember the Cards season by what I was doing that summer. As you will read, I am not normal. Seriously, I have led a very unique, not normal, unconventional life. What I hope to do here? Tell you a little about myself and how the Cards weave themselves in and out of my life.

My All Time Fave Cards Emblem

From my first post about my beloved Ma mere Tootsie, you got to know a lot about my child hood and how, as a good twitter friend of mine, @StLCardsGuy said, “He knew my love for the Cards comes from a place deep and substantial.” I also don’t want to go into great detail about a lot of my specific Cards memories, because I’m saving those for later posts. I’ve decided to take some personal info I have scattered around the interwebs and mash it up with some Cards info and hopefully you’ll know me a little better. If you’d like to know more about my childhood love of the Cards, please read my first post  “Ma mere Tootsie’s Gift-Everything I Know About Baseball I Learned From My Grandmother.”

Who Am I?

“Oh, but it’s hard to live by the rules; I never could, and still never do”…
The Pretenders.                                                                     
Does this really need a caption?

I’m a free spirit who is trying to mix a love of and experience in communications, event planning/organizing, hotel guest relations, visual design, editing, education/training, with my passions: Sports(playing : tennis, swimming, boating, along with attending/watching: pro/college baseball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, golf, tennis). I love travel, politics, music, design, photography, beaches and social media. I’m an outgoing, kinda witty and exuberant straw that stirs…Some people scrapbook, I flirt and watch sports. I Love: STL Cards/Blues, Mizzou, Gators, NOLA, Patron`, Ketel One, craft beers, wine, okay…all liquids, cooking/eating out, and meeting engaging, intelligent people who know the difference between wit (best) and quirky- funny snark (better) and boring mean spirited snark (worstest) ;).(And yes, grammar police, I know that’s not the propah form of worstest) I’m a bon vivant, as Ma mere used to say, and sure I’m not normal. I am still searching for my place in the world, but laughing as I go.

Holly Go Lightly
Lake of  O

I love to connect with people and I’m an organizer extraordinaire. I want to be the cruise director of Card fans on twitter. ;) Since I grew up at the Lake of the Ozarks, I need to be on or near a body of water. I’m pretty sure I was a mermaid, sea captain or dolphin in a previous life. I’m a combination of Holly Go Lightly, Bob Costas, Tallulah Bankhead and Annie Savoy. If you only know Bob Costas out of those four people, I got some splainin to do. I’m a Renaissance girl, a true Gemini, and a refuser of growing up. I don’t have a niche or a brand. I can be irreverent and self deprecating, passionate and emotional, gregarious and inquisitive. In case you didn’t know, I’m a Bloody Liberal Democrat. Just an abnormal girl next door.

From William and Mary to Mizzou-Priorities!
My Best Friend, Amy

I went to William and Mary for one year and decided I wanted to have more fun and be closer to the Cards and Tigers, so I finished at Mizzou and went to U of Florida grad school.  I’ve worked for Hyatt Hotels, where I did liaison with several MLB and NFL teams and also did several NCAA Final Fours. I worked and lived for a short time to help develop a resort in Negril, Jamaica. I worked for three presidential campaigns and three inaugurals. Clinton/Gore and Obama/Biden. I taught Middle School English and my biggest thrill and honor was being cheerleading and honorary asst. football coach. I’ve lived in Atlanta, KC, San Antonio, Orlando, DC and for the time being Columbia, MO. (Hyatt and political campaigns moved me around. A lot.) I always asked to be moved to a NL city. No-one listened a lot to my requests. Why Human Resources just don’t get the importance of baseball is a burning question in my life.

My MMS undefeated football playas

Tommy and Friends

Why Am I Here

“This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.”…Annie Savoy
One of My Best Card Memories Ever

I just want to share my thoughts about this game. This team. My favorite Cardinal of the past was Tommy Herr. (Shhh…don’t spread that around). I liked the way he looked  uh…played with the Birds on the Bat. My favorite present day Card is Adam Wainwright. He’s everything a Cardinal should be. Talented, dedicated, a great teammate, a true leader, proud to be a Card, appreciative of the fans. I’ve been on twitter since the Obama Campaign, but my personal account started Dec.’08. I started looking for Card fans on twitter right after the All Star Game, when I came back to MO. I can’t really name a favorite blog because there are so many great ones. Oodles of blogs about sports, baseball and the Cards that are fantastic, informative, and insightful. I always like to laugh and I can count on @athooks at Cards Diaspora for great humor. Plus he’s the only blogger who sent me a free t shirt. I accept bribes. I don’t have a step team, but as I have been known to say, I love Cubbie, Mets and Philly fans. I hate the AL and that damn DH. 

Aunt Jackie and Delaney

I hope to make you, our readers, think, laugh, cry, feel, and remember why you love this most perfect game.  And why you care so deeply, laugh and cry and become exasperated with our beloved, yes, sometimes infuriating, but always interesting Cardinals.

“I want to live and learn deeply. I want to suck all the marrow out of life.”…Thoreau

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  1. >Thank you for sharing. We actually have a lot in common. I spent many summer at the Lake. I also, went to Mizzou and had roommates that grew up at the Lake. (Bobby Jones and Chad Brauer/ Wife – Nikki)I worked at the Holiday Inn Select at Mizzou and then went to work for Holiday Inn corporate in Atlanta. 16years later, I am still in Atlanta, now working for a Corporate Travel Management company (BCD Travel).I love the cardinals and have been successful to have my 3 boys raised liking the Cardinals more than the ATL Braves.That was a neat post. I will be reading that again.

  2. >Wow…we do have a lot in common! Spooky! So glad we met as mutual Card fans on twitter. That's what is so great about social media and twitter most particularly.I love Atlanta and would move back there in a second,if a great opportunity came up.I found when I lived there, as in Fl, there are few natives. Most of the people you meet are from the Midwest and Northeast or other southern states. That's my theory for such a small fan base for the Braves. Everyone already is loyal to the team they grew up with. Yeah!!! for you and your three boys! We'll have to chat about the Lake sometime.Thank you so much for your comment!

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