Trades We All Can Support

The trade deadline has come and gone, but this time all the big players in KC are still in KC. This is a trend that is new if not shocking to most Royals fans. The phones rang with the usual suspects, a.k.a. the Yankees, wanting the best players on the roster. The Royals this year said no, and no really did mean no. The Yankees were hot on the trail of Soria, according to many reports. The offers included top rated prospects, but the Royals did not take the deal. The same pattern followed with staff ace Zack Greinke.

The Royals listened to all offers, but were smart enough to not take all offers. This kind of thinking has not always been the case in Kansas City during the deadline. The Royals might one day trade Soria and Greinke, but the fact that they did not trade them this season is a good sign.

The deals that were made were all good trades in my mind. The Royals were able to move out something like $20 million or so, when you count all options and bonuses that the four players traded could have made in future seasons. Alberto Callaspo was the only player traded who was under team control for multiple years. He brought back two young arms who were drafted high, and at the same time open the infield for Alex Gordon or Mike Moustakas. The last positive to Callaspo being traded is that it should free up enough money to keep David DeJesus. The Scott Podsednik trade brought in two minor league guys for a guy who would have left the team after the season by voiding the last year of the deal after reaching his plate appearance out clause. So, the Royals traded him to get some value out of him while he was still on the team. The biggest and final trade was sending Rick Ankiel and Kyle Farnsworth to the Braves. This trade cleared a ton of money (something around $11 million), and it also brought back three players. Gregor Blanco and Jesse Chavez have both played at the big league level, but Tim Collins, the minor leaguer, has the best upside of the bunch. I liked getting two players who have already proven that they can make a big league roster because they are less of a gamble than a minor league player. The addition of Collins to the deal is what really pushes the deal over the edge for the title of best Royals trade this season.

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