Get Gone Guillen

Jose Guillen needs to be released, traded, or playing.

This situation needs to be solved. The solution can be any of the three, but the current “DFA him and wait” strategy is not the answer. Guillen will bring little more than a low level prospect back in any deal because his contract is horrible, but it matches his attitude, so I guess that is okay. Most teams are running away from this guy for one or both of these reasons. The Giants and Dodgers have been linked to Guillen in some circles, but other reports say those are just rotten lies. It seems like nothing is black or white with Guillen. The team either needs to take the first bag of balls and two dozen hot dogs they are offered for him so we all can move on, or make him play. Guillen would not mind getting out of Kansas City, and the fans would not mind if he left. There is no real love between the two sides. This is not Mike Sweeney or Frank White we are talking about here.

The team might be to blame here for not just trading him at the deadline. Someone would have taken him if the price was low enough. The Royals have held on to Guillen for too long. He has now become a $4 million human paper weight.

The Royals just need to end the Guillen era one way or another. If the team does not want him, sending him down to the minors is the worst solution. If you thought is personality was bad in Kansas City then just imagine what it will be like in Omaha. I would hate to let his bad attitude ruin the AAA clubhouse.

The long drama that Guillen has become in the last 45 days is doing nothing to add a positive to this team. Management needs to shoulder the blame for throwing money away on Guillen, holding on to Guillen after they realized he was not a fit, and for now letting him stay on this team this long.

If the team does not want to just eat the few million left on his deal, then stick him out in the outfield or at DH or middle relief or make him sing take me out to the ballgame for all I care. Just make up your mind, Kansas City.

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