Royals sign Venezuelan shortstop

Humberto Arteaga has signed with the Kansas City Royals for $1.1 million. Arteaga, the 16 year old Venezuelan prospect, continues the Royals’ new dedication to signing international prospects. The contract is in line with what other international prospects have signed for this season.

Arteaga is said to have good quickness and speed running the bases. The team expects the shortstop to add to the lineup by producing line drives and lots of contact hits. He, however, is not expected to be a power bat.

Arteaga stands 6 feet tall and weighs in at 160 pounds. He currently is a switch hitter but is projected to be a right handed hitter when he reaches the majors. Arteaga has been scouted by the Royals’ international staff since he was 13. The team first took interest in Arteaga because of his defensive play.

Royals fans should view this signing as another step in the right direction for this club’s future. The $1.1 million Arteaga is getting is another great gamble on talent that should be applauded by the fan base. I personally would rather see the Royals sign 11 international players to $1 million deals than bring in unwanted players like Jose Guillen for $11 million a year.

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