Diamond Diaries Heads to St. Louis!

It doesn’t matter if the Cardinals win or lose, it’s how much fun we have …

Well, of course we would have preferred the two Diamond Diaries nights at Busch Stadium this week (Monday and Tuesday) be Cards wins. But we did get to see: a successful debut by Jake Westbrook, a birthday-present-for-me homer from Albert on Monday, several hits by Brendan over the two nights, a Colby jack, a Hunky homer and pitcher Aaron Miles. (And a lot of other defensive plays, hits and runs we are still trying to forget – ouch!) We also had a blast making all of our chick comments in person and taking plenty of photos! Plus we had the chance to meet several Twitter pals, which – in all seriousness was awesome. We also checked out as much St. Louis baseball history as we could and visited the Missouri History Museum to see the Cards history on display, took the Busch Stadium tour and even visited the former site of Sportsman’s Park.

So here’s a photo special with a few of our pictures from this week. Enjoy! (We did!)


Outside our favorite place!


And inside too.


It was a tweet-up, as we met Cadence and Courtney!


It’s probably not a surprise that Erika took a lot of Brendan photos.

And a lot of Hunky photos too!

Or that I would take as many pictures of Chris Carpenter as I could …

No matter what he was doing.

Angela took photos while doing her Adam Wainwright imitation in his seat in the dugout.

We enjoyed learning more about the history of baseball in St. Louis.

And, all too soon, it was time to say good-bye – to Busch Stadium, St. Louis and each other, but only until the next time!


So, we’re going to take the rest of the weekend to look through our photos and relive the memories, but we’ll be back with regular posts again on Monday. Go Cardinals!

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