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I-70 Baseball came into existince on July 12, 2010 as the new affiliate site of BaseballDigest.com. The launch brought a modest staff of writers and editors to the world to talk about Cardinals and Royals baseball.

In the short time that we have been around, we have grown tremendously to bring you, our readers, the best content we can on a daily basis. Without fail, we have published a minimum of one article per day, seven days a week, for each team. We have laid out a schedule that brings fantasy reports, series previews, farm reports and commentary to you on a regular basis.

As we have been moving through production, we have identified areas of the site that need some attention. Derrick Docket, our Graphic Designer, has done amazing work adjusting the way things look on the site based on suggestions from our readers, our writers, and our editors.

The goal of this website is to bring you top quality content in a attractive design while being informative and entertaining. Recently, during staff discussions, we identified that the pictures being used to deliver our material were lacking in solid quality. A decision was made to appoint someone to oversee this aspect of the website and ensure that the photography you see on the site is of the same amazing quality as the graphics and writing that you find here every day.

Justin Hulsey was one of the first writers to join the staff here at I-70 prior to launch. A young man from Union, Missouri, Justin is one of the most talented individuals I have come across, regardless of age. I have often said that one of the great benefits of being an editor of the site is getting to read the amazing content from some of my favorite writers before anyone else gets that luxury. Justin is the epitome of that statement as I enjoy his series previews, opinion articles and his weekly Cardinals Farm Report. He has shown great dedication to the I-70 project and ensuring that everything is handled in a manor that would allow us to reach out to more and more fans.

After discussing the needs of the site, it was agreed that Justin would join the executive staff here at I-70 Baseball as our Photo Editor in addition to his writing duties. It is a great pleasure to announce this to our readers and to continue to work with this young journalist with a very bright future.

If you would like to submit photos for use here by I-70 Baseball, you can reach Justin at jhulsey@i70baseball.com

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