Production by the Pound plus Pics!

Well, I guess I do have to say something about the disaster – at least mention the trauma so that we can move on to happier thoughts…

The Cardinals’ 8-2 pounding by the pondscum (Mets) is something we all want to forget, nobody more than pitcher Adam Wainwright.   
You know it’s bad when the postgame show’s ‘Great Play’ of the game is video of a confusing onfield delay during the 2nd inning when Yadier Molina suddenly decided he needed sunglasses behind the plate and everybody from Blake Hawksworth to Brendan Ryan and finally Albert Pujols himself was involved in fetching Yadi his shades.

On the bright side… with 2 hits in the game, Brendan Ryan now has a batting average above .200!   Oh, the simple pleasures…

Changing the subject…..

Today, I have a piece over at that delves into statistics (I can hardly keep a straight face typing that!) analyzing our Cardinals’ batting based on their body weight.  Who gives the most bang for their hunk?
Find out here!

Now, how about a few pictures, yes?

Ooh, someone finally caught at least a little of Chris Carpenter’s tattoos!
Nam Y. Huh – AP
‘Can’t catch me – I’m the gingerbread man!’
Scott Rovak – US Presswire
‘Being elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame… is like going to heaven before you die.’
Congrats Whitey!
Jim McIsaac – Getty Images
If those aren’t the craziest eyes you’ve ever seen…
Dilip Vishwanat – Getty Images
Brendan says, ‘When are you going to learn? You don’t run on Yadi!’
Dilip Vishwanat – Getty Images

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  1. >Well, just tried to post this on the i70 site and it wouldn't let me. Anyway, this is great! Very creative and fun way of seeing who is really getting the job done – ha!

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