Truth and Consequences, Plus Some Fun

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No Cardinals blog would be complete without at least mentioning the current rumor that the Cardinals are looking to make a deal with the Astros for their star pitcher Roy Oswalt before the July 31st trade deadline. And apparently Mr. Oswalt favors the Cardinals as well? Sounds like a match made in baseball heaven to me… as long the front office can avoid the hurdles of budgetary constraints (with Albert Pujols’ epic contract negotiations looming) and depletion of the farm system. This one sure got the chatter going.  What if???


Ryan Ludwick, who last played with the Cardinals on June 25th, says he could be back with the club by the weekend.  After spending nearly a month on the disabled list with a strained calf, Luddy has shown he still has what it takes, hitting two homeruns in two games during his rehab stint at AAA Memphis.  
Welcome back Ludwick!!  We would all love to watch you and Hunky Matt Holliday have your own version of a Cardinals HomeRun Derby throughout the coming months.
With the return of Ryan Ludwick, the question is which player gets bumped back down to AAA?  Jon Jay has been the darling of the BabyBirds in the big leagues, batting .462 since his July return.  Allen Craig has had 6 rbi and a homerun during his recent 5 games with the Cardinals, batting .286. Tyler Greene will likely stick around as platoon in the infield until David Freese returns to action.  So, my guess is that Allen Craig will be getting his mail in Memphis again.  But then again, we never know…


Jason LaRue may be rocking the clean cut look lately, but video from Wednesday gave us a sight we rarely see.  The biker boy has tattoos!  You can navigate to this site to know from where he got the tattoos done. I guess I should not have been surprised, but for some reason I was?!  That’s a lot of ink Jason! 
Buried at the bottom of a MLB Cardinals news report on July 21st was this tidbit:
Courtesy of the Cardinals media relations, Brendan Ryan leads all middle infielders with eight double plays turned since the All-Star break.”  
Sometimes you just have to focus on the good.
Yay Brendan!!
Today the Cardinals face the cubs at Wrigley Field for another afternoon matchup. Game time 1:20pm CT.  
How about another 8 game winning streak?  
GO CARDS!   =)  

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  1. >Oswalt has his typical mean and smirky look in that picture, which — combined with how he does against the Cardinals — is why I don't really like him. I could change my mind, though.Maybe LaRue is the reason Carpenter is getting more tattoos also? They need to stop hanging out together!

  2. >What's wrong with tattoos? Oswalt would be an interesting addition to the rotation. I worry that he's not quite the pitcher he used to be, but maybe that's just because the Astros are soooo bad this year. Would much rather see Dan Haren as a Cardinal (so much easier on the eyes), but don't think that's gonna happen. Glad the scrubs weren't the one to break the winning streak! GO CARDS!!!

  3. >Hey Susan! Nothing wrong with tattoos at all :) They fascinate me because I am too chicken to get one! lolIt is always a gamble taking on a pitcher who might be past their prime. You wonder how much he has left or if he will be more injury prone. Sounds like I need to research Dan Haren photos a bit! lolChris- I knew you were going to mention Carp! Haha! We need to get a good Carp tattoo photo now! Never been an Astros fan, so I cannot say I am fond of Oswalt, but put almost anyone in a Cards uniform and it does something special.I am looking forward to watching the Cubs get pummeled! =) Yes, GO CARDS

  4. >Getting a tattoo doesn't hurt at all. I've been thinking of getting a new one for a long time, but can't decide between the birds on the bat or a simple STL.

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