Your weekend project: the chance to be Mo

The Cardinals are on a roll after the All-Star break, winning Thursday and Friday against the Dodgers and scoring 15 runs in the two games while giving up only 5. Also on Thursday, general manager John Mozeliak was given a three-year contract extension. That will keep him on as GM through 2013 with an option for 2014, which means he has some pretty important decisions coming up.

So, as a project this weekend, let’s pretend you’re Mo. Two questions for you:

1. What moves, if any, would you make in the next two weeks before the trade deadline? Who would you trade, from the major or minor leagues, and for who?

2. What are your plans for Albert Pujols?

Let’s hear your thoughts!

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  1. >Other than Ricky Nolasco, there's not a lot on the trading deadline market that fits for the Cardinals. I just don't see them having enough to convince the Marlins to part with Dan Uggla, not with other teams having a larger stable of big-league ready prospects.So that means internal solutions. Why the team hasn't elected to stretch out McClellan for a rotation slot is beyond me. It's like Spring Training never happened. McClellan is a risk to bring in those middle innings high-leverage situations, but with his assortment of pitches, he seems perfect to start games.Stavinoha's shoulder separation created the solution for right field until Ludwick returns; a platoon of Jon Jay and Allen Craig.No, the key for the team is the return of David Freese, a chain reaction which creates instant depth at second and short with Lopez and Greene, and Miles (gag!) and Schumaker.If I were Mo, I'd feel out the Marlins for Nolasco and Uggla, but I'd be cautious giving up too much depth. I'd hand over plenty of right-handed relief, what with Salas and Sanchez on the cusp of the big leagues.Finally, I'd designate for assignment Jeff Suppan with extreme prejudice. For crying out loud, Brandon Dickson is a Pacific Coast League All-Star!

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