Happy All-Star Break!

With the All-Star Game tonight and the anticipation of seeing five of our Cardinals there at Angel Stadium, it’s already a good day.

Hunky Holliday, living up to his nickname
Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Last night, Matt Holliday was in the spotlight as one of eight participants in the Home Run Derby. He only lasted one round, hitting five homers (and four of those mighty blasts when he only had one out left), but maybe that’s OK as you’ll see in my newest article today for Baseball Digest: “Is There a Home Run Derby Effect?” With all the talk about who wouldn’t participate this year, I looked at if swinging for the fences in the Derby negatively affects players for the rest of the season. Sometimes, as we remember from Albert last year, it can. The good news? In 2007, the last time Matt participated, he hit more homers in the second half of the season than he did in the first as the Rockies went on their incredible march to the World Series.

To get you ready for tonight’s game, take a look at Erika’s All-Star Expectations at i70 Baseball to find out her thoughts on learning to appreciate the All-Star Game as well as what she’s looking forward to tonight. Of course it’s our five Cardinals, but maybe a few other players too!

Hopefully, tonight’s game will finally be a National League victory again. And perhaps in late October the Cardinals will be the benefactor of the World Series home-field advantage that will be the prize for winning … Let’s go Cards and let’s go National League!

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