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Come on in, friends. Pull up a chair. Welcome, to i70baseball.com.

Baseball is historical, controversial, patriotic and religious. It brings 50,000 people together into one place to watch grown men play a child’s game. Those people file into stadiums around the country to cheer for their favorite players, boo their most hated opponents, grab a hot dog and cold beer and forget about life for a period of about three hours.

It has transcended the times. It has been instrumental in leading the nation through war time, desegregation of races, world diplomacy and national disasters. In the true fan’s mind, it is the soundtrack that plays behind memories of earthquakes, terrorist attacks, funerals and their fathers. To millions of people around the world it makes the phrases “…the luckiest man on the face of the earth…”, “I can’t believe what I just saw”, and “Go Crazy Folks” take on meanings that are unparalleled. Measurements of 90 feet and 60 feet 6 inches take on specific meanings that those that do not study the game take for granted.

It is full of rules, written and unwritten, that define the way these grown men should act. It is a game that is played by people that our children look up to and, at times, we wish they would not. There are people that cheat the rules, people that abide by them to a fault, and people that will find their ways around them until they are adjusted to control them better. It is an amazing game that is won or lost based on the scoring of runs, but is measured for perfection in the terms of hits and walks. The most successful offensive players of all time are successful thirty percent of the time and a player being successful forty percent of the time places them on a pedestal of legendary status.

Here at i70baseball.com, it is game that the writers, editors and even graphic designer love. It is a game that we hold to a higher level, we require more from it, and we love to talk about. It is a game that we are happy to share with you, discuss with you, and hopefully entertain you a little bit. We welcome you to openly discuss the game with us here on the website, on Monday nights on our internet radio show, and through social media on Facebook and Twitter. We hope you enjoy what we bring to you and we hope you share it with all of your friends.

Bill Ivie
Founder and Executive Editor

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