Chicago Not A Gracious Host To The Royals

Maybe going to Chicago was a really bad idea. Seems like a friendly city, but not for the Royals this trip against the Sox.

Carlos Quentin hit two home runs as the White Sox rolled over the Royals in a 5-1 victory. This makes seven straight victories for the White Sox and 24 in the last 29 games. The Royals were 10-3 coming into the series and get the All-Star break to try to get back to the winning streak we had prior to heading to CHI town.

Mark Buehrle pitched a seven-plus inning shutout in the series opener, and the Royals decided that with that welcoming party, well, they would simply head home for a break.

The good news of the series? Well, Brian Bannister’s ERA against the Sox only dipped a tad in 16 starts from 7.97 to 7.93. I would love to give better news, but well, there was none.

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