Fourth Of July Fashion Thoughts

The Fourth of July once again had teams wearing the stars and stripes logo New Era for the entire weekend. In the past I have made it clear that I have not liked the previous stars and stripes hat or the batting practice hats but after seeing this years hat on the field I have come to realize that I do like something about these caps.

I am still not a big fan of the look of the logos filled in with the stars and stripes but since it is celebrating a holiday I will let is slide for the handful of days they are worn. The stars and stripes cap does look good from far away on the Royals and the Cardinals as well as a few other teams when they are wearing the home whites. I personally liked the look of the white cap with the red bill for the Cards (with the home white uniform) and the Royals hat looked good too but the bill color needed to be tweaked to match the Royals jersey.

This got me to thinking about when was the last time a team had a white hat. The first one I could come up with was the Royals batting practice hat from the 90’s with Royals spelled out.

Kansas City Royals Closeout Batting Pracitce Cap

The A’s and Reds from back in the day come to mind when I think about the white hat as well as the Kansas City Monarchs and the Cardinals of the 1903 are said to have worn white but in recent times I can not remember a team with an all white cap or even the white with a colored bill. The league has seen white, powder blue, grey, black, pillbox, and now powder blue again become the fashionable thing to wear. So, is it wrong to think that white is going to be the new in thing to rock for MLB teams once again in the near future? It is safe to say that if New Era sees the sales of the white 4th of July cap increase a team will have a white cap next year.

Now with all that said what would this all white or white and colored bill hat look like for the Cards and Royals. More importantly would we as fans really like it if we had to see it everyday?

Here are some other cool options that are being sold purely for fashion that could make their way to the field in a year or two.

Let your voice be heard in the comments below and tell us which hat you dig and which needs to stay in the fashion world and off the field.

2 thoughts on “Fourth Of July Fashion Thoughts

  1. I like the blue Royals hat with the light blue bill. The black and red Cardinals hat I’m not a fan of. Just looks un-Cardinal like to me.

  2. I think that the color is a dark navy blue in real life not black. I like the powder blue bill cap too. I think the KC logo would look cooler with a outline around it. I think the navy blue bill and white cards hat with the red logo would be cool as the bp cap.

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