All Star Musings on the Off Day

Most of the free world had yesterday off to continue on with their Fourth of July fun, so what better day for the Cardinals to have an off day, right? No, wrong. What’s worse is that the Mets couldn’t do us a favor and take a game from the Reds. Losing ground when you don’t play is no fun at all!

Speaking of the Reds, Erika spoke yesterday about the Cardinal All-Stars, and I think Joey Votto for the Reds got a raw deal by not being selected to the team. If you’re into that sort of thing, head over and vote for Votto to be the final player on the NL squad. I admit – I watch every second of the All-Star festivities and love it to death. No, the game doesn’t¬†really mean anything, despite what MLB tells you about home field advantage. I don’t usually make comments on who is on or off the rosters, and I won’t even stand up here and argue that Jaime Garcia should be in or anything like that. I will say 3 things:¬†

  1. Ryan Howard over Joey Votto is a joke. I don’t really care that Howard is a St. Louis product – he’s crazy overrated, and the most annoying three true outcome player ever. You know that the managers don’t actually care about the outcome when Charlie Manuel states that he chose Howard just because it was ‘his guy.’ If he really cared he’d put the best players on. You’re not going to change my mind on this.
  2. I support Stephen Strasburg not being on the team. That probably contradicts what I just said about having the best players on, but they already are not pitching wise when the second best ERA in the league didn’t make the team. Yes, the second best ERA belongs to Garcia (fine… *honk honk*). Also, the NL squad has one lefthanded pitcher. AL squad? Five. Solid roster Manuel.
  3. I definitely support Albert Pujols not being in the Home Run Derby. He is tired of it, LaRussa hates it, and despite their denials of this, I hate what it does to Albert’s swing for the first week or two after the break.
This has probably been the least Cardinal centric post to ever appear on this site. Apologies for that, but I will make it up to you by rolling out a new post over at Baseball Digest. It talks about Cardinal teams in the second half under Tony LaRussa, and what we can hope to see for the second half. It was a labor of love for me, so please head over and check it out.

Blake Hawksworth has been officially announced as tonight’s starter for the Cards in Colorado. You might disagree with me, but I’m happy to see him getting sent out there over Jeff Suppan. Game time is 7:40 PM – Go Blake and go Cards! :)

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  1. >The NL needs to be the team that breaks tradition with reckless abandon and only takes guys that can help them win the damn game. They can't beat the AL in the current way the game is structured. I want Strasburg, I want Ubaldo and I want Wainwright and I want them pitching in that exact 0rder for 3 innings each. I want Pujols playing the last 5 innings, damn the fans vote. I want to win.ATH

  2. >Hooks – I'm down with that plan. It'll also provide entertainment for weeks to come with all the people crying about how their guys didn't pitch/play/pinch hit in a critical spot. Oh wait, that's what people will do anyway!Susan – I missed it last night, but caught it this morning. It surprised me that they changed the call. Every angle I saw never really put me in a position to say, 'Yes it hit him.' Rolen's a pretty good actor from what I recall from his days as a Cardinal, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was a solid fake-out. I wish the call hadn't been changed merely from the standpoint that it sparked the rally though!

  3. >I approve of Blake Hawksworth going tonight against Colorado. Any time we do not see "Suppan" listed under that evening's starting pitchers, you know not only do the Cardinals have a chance, but the ballgame has a chance to be done in about three hours.Suppan is like that elderly driver in the left lane, with the Florida plates and the turn signal blinking. Except more frustrating.

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