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Taking a look at the Cardinals roster, there are many players here that gives fantasy owners reason to smile. From Albert Pujols to Ryan Franklin, there is plenty of fantasy talent any owner would love to have. Here’s a look at some position players worthy of a roster spot and their currently statistics.

Pos. R 2B 3B HR RBI SB BA %
Albert Pujols 1B 47 18 0 20 60 9 0.306 100 2 16
Colby Rasmus OF 47 14 2 16 40 9 0.274 91 16 82
Matt Holliday OF 45 24 1 11 39 6 0.301 100 20 88
Ryan Ludwick OF 40 19 2 11 42 0 0.273 87 62 205

Pujols is usually head of the class in fantasy baseball. On draft day, he is the first or second player taken. During auction drafts, Pujols has been sold for up to $70. The value shows what an owner is willing to pay to get him on their roster. Pujols is on track for another Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. Once he gets the Batting Average (BA) up, his overall ranking will improve.

Rasmus has had a very good year so far. He should be active unless teams have a deep outfield lineup. Rasmus has improved so much from last season, any owner should be very satisfied with the statistics he has put up so far.

Holliday started off horrible this season. Many fantasy owners were quick at the trigger to trade him away. The ones that did are now starting to regret that move. He is starting to heat up and should be a active without question. Holliday should put up similar second half numbers as he did last season.

Ludwick is a very streaky hitter. Most owners become frustrated with him. The week he is on the bench, he produces. The week he is in the lineup, he doesn’t produce. Ludwick shouldn’t be active full time in most leagues. Use him as a backup for injuries and off days for open spots.

The Cardinal pitching staff is one of the best in fantasy baseball. Here’s the list worthy of fantasy recognition and should be active on a team’s roster.

Pos. Record ERA CG SV K K/BB WHIP %
Adam Wainwright SP 11-5 2.34 3 0 114 78 1.0307 97 3 3
Chris Carpenter SP 9-2 3.16 0 0 105 69 1.2117 97 10 38
Jaime Garcia SP 8-4 2.1 0 0 77 38 1.2191 91 15 43
Ryan Franklin RP 3-0 2.16 0 15 19 14 0.99 89 10 83

Wainwright is the gem of the Cardinals rotation and any fantasy team. He currently is 2nd in Wins and 4th in Earned Run Average (ERA). Wainwright is on his way to compete for the Cy Young award this season. Owners expect the best from him every timehe takes the mound. He should be active in all leagues and should never be out of the lineup on start days. Wainwright is too good to sit under any circumstance.

Carpenter is the next gem of the Cardinals rotation. He was well on his way to compete for another Cy Young award except for his last couple starts ballooned the ERA above 3. Carpenter should be active in all leagues. Like Wainwright, he is too good to sit under any circumstance.

Garcia has been a wonderful fantasy surprise. He went undrafted on draft day. Since making the opening day roster he has no let up. The owners who claimed Garcia off the waiver wire are the lucky ones who get to benefit. He currently has the 2nd best (ERA) in the National League (NL). Owners should be worried about the 2nd half of the season. Garcia is entering uncharted territory and should be watched. He should be active in all leagues until he starts to show a decline.

Franklin is not the overpowering closer type. He gives owners a trip to the doctor to get a heart pacemaker inserted due to lack of overpowering stuff. Franklin will never strike out the side or in most cases, not even strike anyone out while allowing a couple base-runners. So far he has not disappointed. Fantasy owners are hoping to not revisit last seasons final month of the season when he had trouble recording outs and finishing out the 9th. With that, he should be active in all leagues.

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