The Cardinals Big Three

Yes, it’s only two of them.
Photo: Dave Einsel, USA TODAY

Inter-league play continues tonight, with the Cardinals taking on the Blue Jays north of the border in Toronto. It will be a homecoming of sorts for Chris Carpenter, as he again visits the city and stadium where he spent the first six seasons of his Major League career. (Anyone else remember what happened last time he pitched in Toronto?) In addition to Carp pitching on Wednesday, the other two of the Cards’ “Big Three” are pitching this series as well: Jaime Garcia tonight and Adam Wainwright on Thursday.

Coincidentally, the Big Three also are the subject of my article today at Baseball Digest. Check it out here.

In non-pitching news, congratulations to Matt Holliday for being named National League Player of the Week! He definitely heated up over the weekend, so it’s good we weren’t the only ones who noticed.

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