It's Tuesday at Cardinal Diamond Diaries

The Cardinals remain tied for first in the NL Central and Chris Carpenter will be king of the mound tonight for another late night ballgame at Dodger Stadium (first pitch 9:10 pm CDT).
For those of you trying to forget last night’s brutal 12-4 Cardinal crushing at the hands of the Dodgers or want to read something other than the *yawn* MLB draft coverage (we promise to spice that up for you later in the week) …

Here are Your Tuesday Field Trip Links:
Erika moonlights at Baseball Digest, giving our Baby Birds (Memphis Redbirds) some love & gushes about minor league baseball.
Chris stirs the pot and makes a case for the Cardinals’ Most Valuable Rookie.  Who gets her vote?  David Freese or Jaime Garcia?
Angela’s claws came out in her surprise Sunday post about the recent roster moves including the acquisition of Randy Winn and Aaron Miles at the expense of the Cardinal “Baby Bench.

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