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Chris’ computer ate her homework. No really – her computer crashed and today’s blog post is being held hostage by the Geek Squad somewhere. Angela and I had high expectations for a fill-in post, but unfortunately were both a little distracted by last night’s Cardinals game …and this:
So, from the minds of two very tired and slightly giddy Cardinals bloggers, we bring you a list of “Things That Make Us Go Hmmmm?”
We were wondering….

1. Why would Brendan Ryan forego the high socks when his mustache alone seemed to be bringing the luck?
2. Why does Jason LaRue only cut his hair once a year? Why now? (By the way, Jason’s new look gets a definite thumbs-up!)

3. Why bring Aaron Miles up to the big leagues now when Tyler Greene and Joe Mather are both hitting better? (and at a higher level?)

4. Who invented MLB blackout areas and why don’t they make any sense?

5. Why is Colby striking out so much lately?

6. Why did the McGwires plan to have babies in June? Mark has a baseball job!
Let’s rephrase that: Why did Mark McGwire accept a job as the Cardinals’ batting coach when his wife was having triplets in June?
PS- congratulations to the McGwire family!

7. Why bring in Ryan Franklin in the 8th inning with the Cardinals trailing and a shortage of available arms?

8. Are there actual people running Or do computers boost statistics from somewhere? Or is it just the work of magic baseball fairies?

9. Why do people either LOVE the wave or HATE the wave? No in-betweeners?

10. Why has Angela not dedicated an entire blog post to Adam Wainwright?
11. Why do Cardinals fans love scrappy little players? How far back does this love affair go? Pepper Martin?

12. Do players that go up/down from MLB to AAA rent more than one apartment?
13. Does pay change, depending on whether the boys are playing AAA or MLB games?

14. How many tattoos does Felipe Lopez have anyway?

15. Why does the national media only care about the Yankees/Sox baseball rivalry?

16. Why doesn’t anyone in baseball recognize that the Cardinals have the top three rotation guys in the majors?

17. How do we even compare team offense stats between AL and NL teams when AL teams have a DH and NL teams bat their pitchers?

18. How will Brendan Ryan survive without his sidekick while Joe Mather is with AAA Memphis?
And the biggest questions is:

How many readers will actually stick around to read all 18 things that we were wondering about?
Thanks for reading, Mom!
Today the Cardinals face the Reds to battle for the series at 7:15pm CT (on ESPN).

0 thoughts on “Things We Were Wondering

  1. >Well, I'm not mom but did read them all…LOL! I have to say, I have thought about most of those things myself at least once in my life. Good job girls.

  2. >I honestly wondered about the Miles over Mather/Greene thing myself, and not just because of my bias as a Mather fan :) I think there is a certain amount of time that has to pass between the time he was sent down before they can bring him back up, but then why not bring Greene up instead? Also, point 18 made me laugh because when I heard the official news my first 2 thoughts were "Poor Joe" and "What's B.Ryan going to do without his partner in crime?"Blackouts are the worst concept ever. So annoying and I have my fingers crossed I won't suffer one tonight when the game is supposed to be on ESPN.I read all your points! Fun post :)

  3. >I read them all!I noticed last night, but of course couldn't say anything, that LaRue also shaved that hideous facial hair. Thumbs up for that!!And I think that the salaries do change between Triple A and the majors. They make more in the majors, of course!

  4. >The thought of giving Joe more consistent AB's is what I'm going with as well. I have to think that's the reason for making Allen Craig a yo-yo as well (he was up for what, one game?). Thanks for reading everyone!

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