When you can't quit thinking about it…

We had planned on taking a blogging break on Sundays here at Diamond Diaries.  But I woke up thinking about the end to last night’s game and immediately went online in search of video and chatter about it.  So a quick Sunday blog wouldn’t hurt, right?

Yesterday was the Civil Rights Game and the boys were in vintage (~1947 style) jerseys.  So, watching the recap is a must just to catch a glimpse of those uniforms.  Adam Wainwright in high socks is something that cannot be missed!

You can watch the MLB.com recap here

And you can read the StlToday game recap here

But the moment of the game that I woke up thinking about is this one:

Al Behrman///AP

Should third base coach Jose Oquendo have sent Skip Schumaker home on Joe Mather’s 9th inning, 2-out smash hit to the left field wall?  If Skip had been safe, the answer would have been a resounding “Heck, yeah!”  But Skip was tagged out, the game was over and the Cardinals lost.

Watching the Reds’ left fielder fumble around for that baseball, I was certain Skip would be hustling across homeplate before the camera followed that long throw back into the infield. So close, but yet….

The Cardinals lost, but they RALLIED!!  Heartbreaking, but yet edge-of-your-seat EXCITING all at the same time.  Not the ending we’d hoped for, but a 9th inning effort that was pure baseball energy!

Have a wonderful Sunday, Cards Fans!!  :)

Let’s win this one today!  GO CARDS!
(gametime is 12:10 pm CT)

…and lucky for me, it is a rare Sunday game that will be covered by FoxSportsMidwest  :)

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  1. >Qquendo probably was thinking that the Reds' outfield throwing wouldn't be any better than the Cardinals' outfield throwing. But of course, it was better, much better.

  2. >There is a big difference between what happened in that inning and what might have happened.Can you imagine the comments if ….. David Freese doesn't advance on the wild pitch and Molina grounds into a double play. Rally over and the next batter strikes out to end the game. Same result, but nothing to build on. Add to that we made Francisco Cordero work hard and had some success – should we be in a similar situation in the late innings of the next game. The best cure for the Cardinals woes is timely hitting, especially from the lower part of the order. That happened.Oquendo made the right call. I'll take the way this one ended, as I'm sure the Reds fans would too. Both teams will enter this game with a lot of momentum. Should make for an exciting rubber game.

  3. >Sunday, and already in the first, Pujols is intentionally walked with the absolutely predictable result of Holliday following up by grounding into a double play.Some "protection" for Pujols in that lineup.At some point Holliday has to start hitting with runners in scoring position? Who says? Maybe this is what this team is going to get out of this guy.

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