My Musings about the Phillies…

As if I needed another reason to grumble about the Phillies…

I have searched for information on the Cardinals DAILY without any problems . Wednesday I was working on this post. 30 minutes of googling Phillies and BAM! – a virus crashed my computer.

My friend Jake made a good point though: “just think what you could catch if you googled the Cubs!”

So, for your Friday I offer up a “fluff-post”… just the meanderings of my Cardinal-loving brain from the hours spent watching our boys battle those nasty Phillies.

1. Last year I was convinced that Jason Werth was moonlighting as Shaggy (from Scooby Doo). Now he’s looking more like a scary, homeless, Mountain-Man version of Shaggy. Can somebody please give that dude a mirror…. or a haircut?

2. Cardinals fans deserve a big pat on the back and gold stars for being the “best fans in baseball.” When compared to those Phillies fans: Cards fans are kinder, more intelligent and more considerate of others. Plus we know how to behave ourselves at games.

Twice in this series, Phillies fans ran out onto the field, interrupting the ballgames and disrupting the flow of the game for the players.

….. even a Phillies fan should’ve known a stunt like this would end badly.
AP photo/// Matt Slocum

*disclaimer #1: I do know 2 very nice people who are Phillies fans, so they can’t all be that bad?!

3. Chase Utley should ALWAYS keep his hat on.

Even the thought of seeing that slick hair from last postseason makes me shudder.

4- Confession: I was actually disappointed that Ryan Madson (Phillies closer) was not on the mound.

I could watch him his pitching every day! ;)

But he was unavailable for viewing due to a temper tantrum resulting in a self-inflicted broken toe and a trip to the DL.

(stupid move, Mr. Madson….)
*disclaimer #2: I do NOT own a Phillies calendar. This is compliments of Google search (and probaby where my computer virus came from….
5. I hereby nominate the umpires for LVPs of this roadtrip!

Brendan Ryan alone had serious grounds for complaints… the ump crew robbed him of a triple and a single – on replay, both were missed calls.
photo by H. Rumph Jr. AP @

I don’t know how many times I sat there shaking my head at the failures of the umpires. Has there been a series with as many failed calls?

But enough about that….

photo by Matt Slocum/ AP via

Jaime Garcia ROCKS! ERA of 1.13?!
This ranks him 3rd among MLB starting pitchers so far this season.

Keep it up, Rookie!

Another reason to be a proud Cardinals fan:
Our pitching staff continues to lead the majors with a combined 2.71 ERA.

Plus the National League Player of the Week was our own David Freese!!!
Way to go, Batman!! ;)

TGIF Cards Fans! Enjoy your weekend and please stay safe…
PS – Don’t google any Phillies!

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